Vaping tricks for an amazing vaping experience


First thing’s first. If you still haven’t tried your hands at vaping, you are one of the very few who are still to get a taste of this upcoming trend. But you need not be an outcast anymore. Check out the wide range of products offered by KangerTech and take a ride into the amazing world of vaping.

Now that you have the coolest product in your hand, courtesy KangerTech, the next step is to learn some great tricks to get the most out of your vaping experience.

A humungous vapor cloud
The size of your vapor cloud is a sure shot indicator of your vaping skill set. The trick here is easy to master. Try and inhale as much (a lot) vapor as you can and hold it inside for as long a period as you can. And then exhale it gently like a boss!

Rings of Vapor


This one is probably the most sought after vaping trick. Here’s how to conquer it – hold the vapor in your mouth, bring your tongue near the opening of your mouth and then release it slowly, and voila!


The Dragon!
Who wouldn’t love a dragon coming out of their mouth and nose? This trick lets you do exactly that! Your nose plays a major role in this trick. It starts the same way as others, by inhaling a lot of vapor. And now, you need to exhale it from both the side of your mouth and the nostrils. As many as 4 exhaling points are involved in this trick.

The Ghost
Thanks to all those horror movies, smoke and ghosts somehow go hand in hand. The entry and exit of a ghost are marked by a cloud of smoke. The disappearance of the cloud is the vital component of this trick. Now that you have mastered how to throw out that big cloud of smoke, now you get to concentrate on making it disappear and inhaling it back into the place where it came from.

A Vapor tornado!
A tornado of vapor may not be anywhere near as dangerous as the original tornado, but it is sure as exquisite. What you need here is a flat surface to exhale a big cloud of vapor. As soon as the vapor touches the surface, use your finger to make a swirl and the vapor will follow suit!

Get your hands on a KangerTech product now and try these tricks yourself. And if you are willing to experiment, there is no end to such amazing vaping tricks!